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Terms and Conditions

  1. All rewards are subject to availability and Wall Street Thailand reserves the right to cancel the redeem requests and refund the points if certain prizes are out of stock.
  2. Wall Street Thailand may issue cash vouchers from retailers for members to claim actual products in retail stores. Wall Street Thailand shall do it’s best to equate the rewards value with the market prices but assumes no liability or responsibility for any differences.
  3. Participants shall be responsible for any fees, costs and charges incurred as a result of the use of consumption of the rewards and their benefits, and shall not in any way hold Wall Street Thailand liable for such payables.
  4. Please allow 7-45 days for rewards to be delivered once the redemption request has been sent.
  5. Wall Street Thailand reserves the right to update the prize list without issuing prior notice in written or other forms to the participants of the program.
  6. Students are advised to visit http://learnandwin.wallstreet.in.th for latest information on the rewards.
  7. All rewards and redemption of points must be done before the end of the student contract. No rewards will be issued after the completion of the student’s contract.
  8. All points will be carried forward by renewing the contract before the original contract expires.
  9. Redemption of an extra study period or free Level is only eligible for current Wall Street Thailand students.
  10. Only Wall Street students are eligible to redeem and claim the reward and cannot be transferred to anyone else.
  11. The Learn and Win program remains effective only in Wall Street Thailand, and does not cover other countries or territories where Wall Street may operate.
  12. The time frame for Encounters will be counted from the next day of the last Encounter completed and each Encounter will only be counted once.
  13. The points given for completing levels, counts from the date the last Encounter of that level has been completed.
  14. The points allotted for renewing a course will be given for the renewal levels bought only.
  15. The points allotted for referring a friend will be given after the referee has fully paid and can be recalled if the referees’ contract is cancelled.
  16. Wall Street Thailand reserves the sole and full rights to the interpretation of all terms and conditions contained herein and reserve the right to suspend the program at any time without prior notice.
  17. Fully paid contracts only are entitled to Learn and Win points earned from Referrals and Renewals. Installment contracts are not entitled to Learn and Win points from Referrals and Renewals.
  18. Learn and Win points may only be accrued from May 1, 2013 on. Contracts sold prior to May 1, 2013 are not entitled to Learn and Win points.
  19. Learn and Win Points begin accumulating only AFTER activation of the Learn and Win account, not start date of contract.
  20. Corporate students are not entitled to the Learn and Win program.